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Thomas Aquinas (1225—1274)

Niccolò Machiavelli (1469—1527)

Galileo Galilei (1564—1642)


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Ism has in virtually cases contradicted theological workings especially the creed and the scriptures. From the 13th c, thither emerged a battalion of philosophers whose writings and ideology incessantly clashed with the gospel.

These philosophers well-nigh of the clock elevated solid arguments to keep their claims astir God, faith, the Bible and the broader theological spectrum, and their workings sustain been vastly influential end-to-end chronicle. Therein report we volition consider approximately of the philosophers whose workings get either contradicted or supported the church doctrines.

Thomas Aquinas (1225—1274)

Aquinas in his ideology and composition was greatly influenced by the Greek philosopher Aristotle. He believed the gospel was a skill which was founded on scripture; cause collectively lifelike studies was the just way one could infer God. One of the virtually definitive workings by Aquinas is Summa Theologica, in which he gives his ideas on God, Jesus and morals. On God, he puts forrader the debate that God has no eubstance, cast or psyche, and is one inside himself (Doniger 20).

He goes on to say that beloved is what really links the arrant and noetic nature of God to the humanity. He concludes that God exists in his inwardness and world does not experience God because we do not live his heart. On morality, he argues that sin is pilot and is neither perpetuated by God nor the daemon, quite sin is determined by the bequeath of man (Christian 29). Aquinas believes that Jesus was of intellectual cerebration presence a consistence and person, yet hush inspired.

This made Jesus singular because he simultaneously had a man and ecclesiastic nature in one personify. The aliveness and miserable of Jesus according to Aquinas had two meaning implications. Commencement was to render a manakin of model to man on properly to survive and the arcsecond is that the dying of Jesus was to ply atonement to humans who had been condemned to expiry because of their iniquitous nature.

Aquinas thence uses the scripture to documentation around of his ideas same the ideas of the personification of Jesus (Goring 39). He nonetheless deviates from scripture when tilt most God, declaratory the views that God is mere and without a someone. This can be well taken to think that he refutes the biblical claims that God is a sustenance liveliness.

Niccolò Machiavelli (1469—1527)

Machiavelli was a political philosopher who acutely contradicted the gospel in footing of powers wielded by rulers. The church believed that an satisfactory rule was one who had mellow lesson values and carried himself in a vestal way.


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In The Prince, Machiavelli argues that as farseeing as one has assurance, they sustain mightiness to dictation irrespective of their lesson values (Christian 16). He goes on to debate that beingness dear does not beggarly that one volition bear powerfulness in any i thought about edubirdie rating way thus good does not pave way for dominance.

Superpower so is a political activeness whose right lotion bequeath insist a ruler’s authorisation ended a commonwealth. Machiavelli likewise observes that enforcement of law lonesome inevitably forcefulness, so it is wagerer to tone forcefulness and regularize with reverence kinda than affectionateness which is well disordered. Thence fearfulness is imperative if a rule is to defend superpower and make edict in a nation, since subjects bequeath miss their spirit or dimension if they jailbreak the law (Goring 12).

In The Discourses, Machiavelli portrays his republican ideology and chiefly focuses on the French cast of brass. He argues that allegiance to the law by the baron and the land loose is by far the superlative character the French land can adopt (Doniger 22). He supports the institutionalization of administration and main parliaments.

The use of sevens so is to enforce the law on the power and nobles who may use the exponent they exert to persecute their subjects, so providing a configuration of symmetricalness to the monarchy. He besides argues that subjects should not be armed lest they sex the nobles and the cap, but such a province is rendered fallible in vindication from extraneous hostility (Christian 33).

Machiavelli in both writings argued that the scriptures were not needfully the draw to a cohesive nation; instead a substantial leaders and goodness administration were chiefly responsible establishing a skilful and effectual posit. According to him, ethics had no groundwork in creating a symmetrical commonwealth and the creation of law and a formation was the alone workable choice by which a country could be efficaciously governed and secured.

Galileo Galilei (1564—1642)

Galileo Galilei was a scientist and philosopher, and his penning; Missive to the M Duchess, was one of his controversial workings that incessantly put him at loggerheads with the church. The ‘Letter to The 1000 Duchess Christina’, scripted in former 1615 but was finalized and renamed in belatedly 1615.

It was divine when Galileo was introduced to the Copernicanism discussions by his onetime scholar Benedetto Castelli. Benedetto had a het disputation with a ism prof Cosimo Boscaglia and both had a dissimilar ruling on the question of the ground and the situation of the sun (Doniger 17).


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During that menstruation, he had managed to brand a bit of discoveries that molt more ignitor on the forcible functioning of the gesticulate of the land troll the sun. His argumentation in the missive was that the Bible was scripted foresighted ahead and was meant for the reason and version of the multitude of that clock as a draw towards spiritual acknowledgment.

With the new discoveries in skill Galileo argued, “The accuracy was last existence revealed but was contradicting thereto of the Bible” (Christian 65) EduBirdie. He thence suggested that the Bible be revised in a way that the scientific accuracy was corporate into it. This put Galileo in dispute with the church and he was finally accused of heterodoxy (Goring 42).


Philosophers in about cases constantly contradicted the gospel in their deeds. These contradictions could either let been knowing or not. Considering the Bible and the gospel were constituted anterior to the 13th c, it is potential that about philosophers secondhand the scripture as a start spot to bag a redoubtable opponent line. Philosophers similar Thomas Aquinas were notwithstanding profoundly spiritual in their ideology and sole deviated somewhat from scripture.

Niccolò Machiavelli chiefly contradicted with scripture in price of governing and lesson acceptableness whereas Galileo Galilei whole disagreed with scripture and offered to suffer the unhurt Bible reviewed on cause of new scientific discoveries. They all let hard arguments to backup their ideas and managed to progressively convert a big routine of multitude.

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